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Useful Tips For Our Clients Before Traveling To Ukraine | What We Can Offer You During Your Stay In Ukraine

Useful Tips For Traveling To Ukraine

When you finally decide to travel to our country in order to visit your lady, the first step you are to take is to obtain an international traveling passport (unless you have already done it, of course). Before, in the past, an entry visa to Ukraine was necessary. However, according to a new presidential decree, citizens of European Union, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Japan do NOT need a visa to Ukraine any more. If you come from a land which is not included in the above-mentioned list, and if you need an official invitation for a visa, we will be happy to provide it to you. You should buy an air ticket to the airport "Boryspil" (also often spelled as "Borispol") in Kyiv (Kiev). Note: other international airports in Ukraine are located in Kharkiv, Odessa and Simferopil. Please mind that citizens of Australia still DO need a visa.

Many clients of our marriage agency who plan to arrive in Ukraine and meet their women in person, often ask a question what currency they should bring to Ukraine, whether they can receive cash from cash machines (speed banks, ATMs, "bankomats" or whatever they are called). Yes, it is absolutely no problem here, and you will feel as comfortable in Ukraine in this respect, as you do in your own home country. If you plan to bring a little cash money, almost any kind of currency (Euros, US dollars, English Sterling Pounds) would be fine. If you don't like the idea of having much cash on you (which is quite reasonable, and even though Ukraine is quite a safe country with very little crime, our advice to you is not to take much cash), you may easily withdraw a necessary sum here from cash machines, which are available almost on every street or in any shop. Also, you can cash travel checks in Ukraine, such as Thomas Cook, etc. Continuing to speak about cash, leagally you can bring 3000 Dollars without even declaring this sum at a customs point.

Ukraine's environment is clean, and our local food is very tasty and healthy. Many people are still worried about the drinking water here. Of course, in many places, it may be not a very good idea to drink water from the tap, but here you will find many different kinds of mineral or drinking quality water on sale, so this won't be a big issue. In fact, you will find anything on sale here, and of course even in any small store you will find your favorite drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, 7UP, Sprite and tens of other sorts of soft drinks.

You will surely love your stay here!

What We Can Offer You During Your Stay In Ukraine

Dear Men!

During your stay in Vinnitsa, we will be happy to offer you unforgettable romance tours and excursions to many places of Ukraine: Uman, Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Odessa, Kyiv, Lviv, etc. It will be very romantic to visit one of these places with the woman you have come to meet. Vinnytsya's geographically favorable position (in Ukraine's center) allows our guests to see a lot of beautiful, picturesque and historic places even within one day.

As for Uman and its dendra park ("dendra" means "tree"), people often consider it as "a piece of paradise". There has never been a single tourist who hasn't been impressed by the beauty of the park. More than 200 years ago, a rather well-to-do man, Count Pototski, built this park for his wife Sofia (that is why the park is often called "Sofia Park") as a sign of his love and devotion for her. It is a famous sight, which attracts not only Ukrainian and Russian tourists, but also those from many other countries of the western world.

Uman's Sofia Park 
  Image of Uman Sofia Park
A trip to Odessa includes swimming in the Black Sea (in summertime) and visiting unforgettable sights of the worldwide famous city: the central street Deribasovskaya (with a great number of stores and cafes, as well as a motley crowd), Opera and Ballet Theatre, Odessa's seaport, Potyomkin Staircase and many other sights.

Potyomkin Staircase in Odessa 
  Image of Odessa
Lviv (Russian spelling is Lvov) is one of Ukraine's biggest economic, cultural and historical centers. Having belonged to Poland in the past, it has still preserved its ancient European architectural traditions. A worldwide known Opera and Ballet Theatre is situated here in Lviv. This city is considered to be "the most modern and European city of Ukraine".

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre 
  Image of Lvov city
A tour to Kamyanets-Podilskyi includes a visit to its Old Fortress (12-18 centuries), which impresses people with its grandeur and mystery, and to the Stone Fortress in the town of Khotyn.

Old Fortress in Kamyanets-Podilskyi 
  Trips to Kamyanets Podilsky
Khotyn, a district center in Chernivtsi Region, appeared in the 8th century on the banks of the Dniester River as a settlement of the Eastern Slavs. The main tourists' attraction here is Stone Fortress. Founded in the 13th century it was rebuilt, expanded and reconstructed many times until in the 18th century it lost its defensive importance and purpose. The fortress witnessed many historic events associated with the struggle of the Ukrainian people against foreign invaders in the past - Turkish feudals, Polish gentry and Romanian nobility. In 2002, the town of Khotyn celebrated its 1000th anniversary!!!

Stone Fortress in Khotyn 
  Image of Khotyn Fortress
Our city of Vinnytsia has the population of almost 400,000 people. The city was founded 640 years ago. Foreign men travelling here always make sure they visit "The Mausoleum" of a famous surgeon named Pirogov (where his body lies embalmed in a crypt like the body of Lenin in Moscow, Russia, and like the body of Mao Dze Dun in China), Hitler's Bunker (where the notorious "Führer" spent in total 2 years during World War II), many Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches and cathedrals, and many other places which are worth visiting.

Vinnytsia's center 
  Image of Vinnitsa

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