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Ukraine's Holidays

Cathedral in Kiev New Year's Day - Jan 01 (this holiday is very widely celebrated in Ukraine, similar to Christmas in Western European countries and America)
Orthodox Christmas - Jan 07 (Ukrainian Christmas. Unlike the New Year with fun, fireworks and big celebration, it is a religious holiday)
Old Orthodox Church New Year - Jan 14 (the New Year according to the Old Church Calendar - mostly a religious holiday, but fun and celebration is also proper)
St Valentine's Day - Feb 14 (the Day of all lovers, celebrated exactly the way it is celebrated in other western countries. People send valentines to their loved special ones, etc. This holiday appeared in Ukraine only several years ago after the USSR had collapsed)
Women's Day - Mar 08 (the greatest women's holiday in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and all other former CIS countries. It is very widely celebrated. It is something between Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day. It is the day of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, sweethearts - of all the women. While St Valentine's is celebrated mostly by younger people, March 08 is universal)
Orthodox Easter (its date is not fixed - this holiday is celebrated two weeks after Catholic Easter)
May Day - May 01 (International Workers' Day. The day of working people around the world and their solidarity. Even though the holiday appeared at the end of the 18th century in Chicago, USA, it is mostly marked only in the FSU countries. It is still marked in many countries of Eastern Europe, in the former Soviet block)
Victory Day - May 09 (the Victory Day over the fascist Germany in 1945, on which veterans of war, of whom there are fewer and fewer with every year, are congratulated, honored and given flowers. Military parades and fireworks are typical of this holiday)
Trinity - May 30 (a religious holiday, a day off in Ukraine)
Constitution Day - June 28 (the Day of Ukraine's Constitution)
Independence Day - Aug 24 (the Day of Independence of Ukraine. It marks the date when Ukraine separeted from the former USSR and became independent)
Day of Freedom - November 22 (the holiday in honor of the Orange Revolution which began on November 22, 2004)
Army Day - Dec 06 (the Day of Ukraine Military Forces. It is a holiday of all men)
Catholic Christmas - Dec 25 (Christmas celebrated by Catholics and Protestants of whom there are many in Ukraine)

Ukrainian Professional Holidays

January 29 Day of fire-fighter
February 23 Day of motherland defender (former USSR army day)
March 13 of land worker
March 21 of people employed in consumer services
March 23 All Ukraine's Day of people dealing with amateurish art and culture
March 25 Day of SBU (security service of Ukraine)
March 26 of internal troops of Ukraine's ministry of internal affairs
April 04 of geologist
April 12 of people working for rockets and cosmic industry
April 17 of environment protection
April 18 of historic and cultural monuments protection
April 26 of Chernobyl disaster
May 15 Day of science
May 24 of Slavonic (Slavic) writing and culture
May 29 of people employed in books publishing industry
May 30 of chemist
June 01 Day of children protection
June 06 of journalist
June 16 of people employed in light industry
June 20 of medical people
June 23 of government employees
June 25 of customs officers
June 27 Day of young people, the youth
July 01 of architect
July 02 Day of Ukraine's Navy
July 03 Day of peacemaker
July 04 Day of Ukraine's air forces
July 04 of people employed in sea and river shipping industry
July 11 of fisherman
July 18 of metallurgist
July 25 of people employed in trade and commerce
August 02 Day of aero-mobile troops
August 08 Day of communications troops
August 08 Day of veterinarian
August 08 of builder, constructor
August 18 of bee-keeper
August 28 of aviation
August 29 of coal miner
September 01 Day of knowledge
September 05 Day of entrepreneur
September 11 Day of Ukrainian cinema
September 11 of physical culture and sport
September 12 of people employed in oil and gas industry
September 12 of tankman
September 18 of inventor
September 18 of pharmacist
September 19 of forest ranger
September 21 Day of Peace
September 26 Day of machine builder
September 27 of tourist, traveller
September 30 of librarian
October 03 Day of education, of teacher
October 08 Day of lawyer
October 10 of standardization and metrology
October 10 of artist
October 17 of food industry
October 30 of tax inspector
October 30 of life-saver
October 31 Day of the President of Ukraine
October 31 Day of driver
November 03 of engineering troops
November 03 of missile troops and artillery
November 04 of railway worker
November 04 Day of frontier troops
November 07 of people employed in the social sphere
November 09 Day of Ukrainian written literacy and language
November 16 of radio and television
November 17 of student
November 19 of meteorologist
November 19 of glass producer
November 21 of people employed in agriculture
December 01 of prosecutor
December 03 Day of disabled people (international)
December 05 of statistics
December 06 of Ukraine's military forces
December 15 of people employed in the court system
December 19 of attorney
December 20 of police
December 22 of Ukraine's diplomacy
December 22 of power engineering specialist
December 24 of people employed in archive maintenance, of registrar

Ukrainian Female Name Days (Angel's Days)

Besides their birthday, each person has their Angel' s Day - it is also often marked by people as a second birthday

Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec


Ulyana - January 03
Anastasia - January 04
Yevgenia - January 06
Klavdiya - January 06
Lidiya - January 19
Maria - January 19
Tatyana - January 25
Nina - January 27
Ksenia - January 31


Inna - February 02
Oksana - February 06
Anna - February 16
Valentina - February 23
Svetlana - February 24


Marina - March 12
Kira - March 12
Antonina - March 14
Galina - March 23


Svetlana - April 02
Larisa - April 07
Alla - April 08
Tamara - April 28
Irina - April 29


Alexandra - May 06
Yelizaveta - May 07
Julia - May 31
Faina - May 31


Valeria - June 20
Maria - June 20
Antonina - June 23


Angelina - July 14
Olga - July 23
Elena - July 24
Alevtina - July 29
Margarita - July 30


Darya - August 17


Natalia - September 08
Raisa - September 18
Lyudmila - September 29
Vera - September 30
Nadezhda - September 30
Lyubov - September 30


Veronica - October 17
Taisia - October 21
Zinaida - October 29


Anastasia - November 11
Alexandra - November 19


Ekaterina - December 07
Varvara - December 17
Anna - December 22
Angelina - December 23
Marina - December 29

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