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To your attention, we are offering some examples of the happy couples, whom we have helped find each other

Malvina and Ton (in the Netherlands)

Ton and Malvina met each other as many other couples do on the Internet. That is, Ton found Malvina on our website and they began to exchange letters. After several months of correspondence Ton came to Ukraine in order to meet Malvina in person. There was a click between them from the very first day. Their personal meeting exceeded all their expectations! From the first moment both of them knew that they wanted to continue their relationship. He said that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Malvina began to study the Dutch language, and soon afterwards she joined Ton in the Netherlands, where they happily live together.
Natalia and Johan (in the Netherlands)

It took Natalia and Johan only six months to make one of the most important decisions in their lives - the decision to get married. Different citizenship, differences in their mentality and interests never stood in the way. On the contrary - it all only strengthened their relationship.

At their wedding party, all the guests could see how happy Natalia and Johan were. What is especially pleasant is that not only the newly-married couple, but also their parents and relatives found a common language. Johan's family had come to Vinnitsa for the wedding, and in spite of the language barrier, Natalia's family and they understood each other without any problems, as though they had known each other all life.
Lyudmila and Luc (in Belgium)

Lyudmila and Luc are both young, beautiful, open for everything new in life, but for both of them it was not easy to find their life-partner. Not easy, because they might have had high requirements, as they thought. Lyudmila was looking for a self-confident and strong man, and at the same time - tender and kind. Luc was looking for softness, generosity and tenderness in his future partner, and at the same time he wanted her to have a strong personality. He was looking for not only a lady, but also for his best friend.

Now Lyudmila and Luc do believe that dreams come true.
Natalia and Frans (in the Netherlands)

When Frans came to our agency, it was not his first visit to us. He came to us as to his good old friends. When he met Natalia, it was clear that this acquaintanceship would last long. With every minute spent together they grew more and more attracted to one another.

We were the first to see their newly-born child, who was born in Ukraine, because Frans and Natalia wanted the baby to be born here. When we came to the lying-in hospital to congratulate Natalia, her eyes were filled with happiness and pride.

Now they happily live in Holland.
Victoria and Paul (in the Netherlands)

The story of Victoria and Paul was one of the most exciting events in the life of our agency.

They had long searched for each other's best half, but the search was not easy. Paul visited our club not long after Victoria had joined it. They liked one another at once when they met, and there appeared a hope that soon afterwards this wonderful couple might become one family. Their next meeting only proved their desire never to part again.

Married and living in the Netherlands.
Yana and Alex (in the Netherlands)

This couple began to correspond in the winter of 2003. Their personal meeting soon afterwards only strengthened their relationship. Now they are together in Holland. They have a daughter. From time to time they visit Vinnitsa all together - to see Yana's parents.

...Happy New Year to you! We are both doing well though I miss home a little. I am very happy, though, of course, there are challenges connected with a move to another country. I am going to take the language classes soon. In February we are moving into a new house.
Yana and Alex - January 02, 2006
Oksana and Wouter (in Belgium)

Oksana and Wouter met in the summer of 2005. They were married in Belgium in 2006.

...You meet the love of your life only once in a lifetime. I have met the girl of my dreams in Ukraine. We will marry by the end of the year in Vinnitsa and next year in Belgium. Thanks to the wonderful people from the agency Exclusive who have made this possible. Excellent service and assistance from people with knowledge about finding a partner for the rest of your life.
Wouter Biesemans - November 04, 2005
Natalia and Waldemar (in Germany)

Waldemar contacted our dating agency just out of sheer interest. Initially he hadn't had any plans to look for a partner this way. However, as he confessed later, it was the best decision of his life. They match one another perfectly! Their official wedding took place in Germany in June, 2005.

...Thank you for introducing us to one another. We are very happy together. Today in the morning we officially got married.
Natasha, Waldemar
Nadezhda and Dolf (in the Netherlands)

The relationship between this couple grew very rapidly. Soon after they had begun to correspond Dolf came to visit Nadya in Vinnitsa. It was love at first sight, and during their first personal meeting they already planned their wedding party, which took place in a Vinnitsa's restaurant on April 27, 2005. A wedding photograph is here.

...Hello, I am Dolf. I want to thank the agency for all kindness and help. I have found the woman I could only dream of! She is very beautiful. Her love and kindness are above expectation. We have just been married.
Diana and Fred (in Holland)

This beautiful young couple is happy together - they met with the help of the international dating service "Exclusive". Let us wish them a happy family life.

The wedding party took place in our city, Vinnitsa, on August 08, 2004.

...Thank you very much for bringing us together. Your contribution is considerable. Our long search for a soul-mate, for one another, has finally ended.
Diana and Fred
Victoria and Wil (in the Netherlands)

Before Victoria met Wil, she had been looking for a life-partner for several years, using various online international dating agencies...

As soon as she joined our service, Wil saw her personal ad on the website and contacted her immediately. It happened in the autumn of 2003. For the New Year's celebration he arrived in Vinnitsa to visit her in person after several months of correspondence.

In March 2004, Victoria visited Wil in Holland and they decided to get married. Their wedding took place in August, 2004.
Tatyana and Frank (in the Netherlands)

Tatyana and Frank started to correspond through the marriage agency "Exclusive" in the summer of 2003. Their communication was very successful. They wrote each other letters, and Frank often called to talk to her on the phone. Soon afterwards, after several meetings, they decided to become husband and wife. Let us wish them a happy life together.

Married at the beginning of 2004.

...we are very thankful to you for helping us meet, and for everything you have done for us. We are saying good-bye, but we will always keep in touch.
Tanya and Frank
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